September 1st Meeting Minutes

Minutes – September 1, 2017

ITC Meeting

September 1, 2017

Vance 105


Present: Matt Orange, Cassandra York (Forsythe), Charles Menuche, Stuart Barnett, Lourdes Casas, Kristina Edwards, Paul Hapeman, Lisa Washko, Sarah Gross, Kevin Kean, Jason Synder, Juan Wang, Heather Rodriguez, Mihai Bailesteanu

Ex officio: Dana Hanford

Guests: Amy Kullgren, Ryan Kelly, Jennifer Nicoletti, Sean McKinkle

Meeting called to order at 1:15pm

  • Approval of minutes
  • Minutes of May 5, 2017

Motion to accept, passed


  • Announcements
  • Chair: None
  • ITS Department Information/Updates


  • Most classrooms upgraded to Windows 10 – log in time decreased, wireless increase in functionality r/t encryption
  • 5 year IT Plan submitted – received more than ½ funding which was needed. Budget changes are being reviewed (capital expenditures removed) Hoping for 2nd allotment for scheduled upgrades
  • Upgrades to Blackboard: the “look” r/t branding, Notifications return is pending
  • Library Technology Announcements


●  None

  • Academic Department Reports 


● None

  • Old Business/New Business

   ● President Toro’s request for 5 year plan from committee



  • Changes to IT within system will have impact – now under CAO Dr. Bachoo
  • Software requests:
    • Do we still want to have subcommittee?  Amy (IT) needs to investigate how software renewal process will happen moving forward
    • Need to assess where committee is with processes and how we can create/request more opportunity to participate at university level in decisions r/t IT
  • Classroom of the Future: How do we advocate for faculty input? What are plans for future? Especially in light of new construction on campus?
  • Programmatic:
    • Currently don’t have processes as a committee related to what critical technology skills that all CCSU students should graduate with?
    • How do we set/advocate for goals for university?
    • Request by chair for members: identify and bring to next meeting: 

            Three key/critical skills that all CCSU graduates should have

            Three skills most CCSU new students don’t have upon arrival

    • IT Assessment/Skills subcommittee: Charles, Jen, Christine, Tom and Lisa
      • What devices are students using?
      • Marcus White Lab – usage is down – why?
      • What are community colleges doing that we could replicate?
      • How do we support students with disabilities?
    • Faculty/professional development subcommittee: Catherine, Kevin, Jen (or someone from ITRC), Maria Lourdes
      • What are the basic skills that faculty should have?
      • How do we support them in achieving those?
      • What is our role in helping with resources?
      • How do we promote meeting ADA requirements within courses?
    • Processes:
      • Functionality of Banner Web – has significant lack of functionality and potential for reducing workload for faculty, staff and students – who/how do we advocate to improve?
      • What impact will Blackboard Ally have on the university? What will our role be?
  • Request from chair: Please pick 1 of above topics and bring 3 ideas to next meeting (email is advance is welcome)