October 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes

10/6/2017 ITC Meeting Vance 006

Present: C.Menoche, H. Rodriguez, T.Rivera ( IT guest), P. Nagpal, S.Gross (IT), J. Nicoletti, C. Abbott, S. Barnett, J. Foshay, K.Kean, L.Wasko, Y.Moo Sohn, C. Thomas, L. Casas, M. Bailesteanu, J.Wang, M.Orange

Meeting called to order at 1:18pm by T.Burkholder

Approval of minutes for 9/1/2017 motion to accept (L.W), second (M.O.), motion passed

Introduction of members to group

Announcements: 10/10 workshop: Adaptive Pedagogy by Shelly Jones

ITS Department Information/Updates: Windows 10 classroom upgrades done – offices next: fill out form to request – need 1 to 2 hours downtime, MAC imaging with Sierra: smoother process due to software upgrade, Cyber Security Awareness Month (several activities planned): 10/19 Tech Talk: Security Awareness

Old Business: President’s Toro Priorities & 5 year plan: Goal is submit by 12/5 to Faculty Senate. Group discussion included: Survey with CHEM students by T.B., summary overview of MUS students by C.M. Overarching themes/concerns/issues: How should students progress from basic to higher level skills? What 3 key skills should students graduate with? What 3 skills do students do NOT have on arrival? What do they need on arrival? When and to whom do we communicate those necessary skills? How do we support students t/o their time at CCSU? How do we consider/address discipline/school specific needs related to core skills at graduation? Plan: to create working document that members can add to in order to begin to order rank

Subcommittees need to meet and report at 11/3 meeting

New Business: K.Kean submitted report about PT Faculty Technology Needs Survey. Pointed out that PT are 53% of all faculty on campus. Several of the issues/concerns/needs highlighted from report discussed/addressed by IT reps/guests. Tentative idea discussed about hosting a PT training in January (11th) to provide education and support for PT success.

Meeting adjourned at 2:43pm

Respectfully submitted – Catherine S. Thomas