Minutes – February 3, 2017 ITC Meeting

Central Connecticut State University

Information Technology Committee

February 3rd, 2017 1:15 pm

Room: Vance #006

(Please remember to sign the sign-in sheet.)


Matt Martin, Sharon Clapp, Gustavo Mejia, Kevin Keane, Chad Williams, Sarah Maurier, Steven Block, Charles Menoche, Thomas Burkholder, Pankaj Nagpal, Sarah Gross, Lisa Washko

Ex Officio: Dana Hanford,

Guests: Amy Kullgren, Tina Rivera


1. Approval of the minutes of November 4th, 2016



Unanimously passed

2. Announcements


3. ITS Department Information/Updates

  • Handout/spreadsheet of budget / licensing/software costs
  • Adobe CS went up 20K in one year, but all labs/classrooms/faculty desktops (1 big license for campus)
  • Student fees haven’t gone up as software licensing costs have, as FTE increases the pricing increases
  • Can we get better stats on how many people are using – labstats now tracks software usage – first time for good stats will be this spring
  • Motion to appprove ITC software request for 2017


Unanimously passed

 4. Library Technology Announcements

  • Integrated Library System Update

New ILS with CSCU consortium (BOR-provided – all community colleges, state universities, Charter Oak State College, and CT State Library) is live now (went live 1/9/17), offer feedback via contact emails / forms on the library website. Tutorials are available on the library’s website

Charles on library advisory board, can offer feedback

5. Academic Area/Departmental Reports


6. Old Business

7. New Business 


Part-time Faculty Contact List in Outlook. Updating PT_faculty_all list on our email system – abandoned? Not at all up-to-date, Kevin says as of this morning. There is a working list of pt faculty from AAUP office, only we can’t use it. We want the Outlook one updated. The faculty list would include about 500 people. An interdepartmental pedagogy group is forming, but it’s hard to get hold of the pt faculty members.

Tina looked in AD – it’s an email distribution list – she will put in a ticket to systems group to see if they can maintain it.


Mentions that we should all point out when/where the CSCU overreach/system consolidation.


Mentions still awaiting to move the Winter intersession Blackboard contents over to the new system.

Also mentions the copyright issues / the video rights / closed captioning




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