Minutes – April 7th, 2017 Meeting

ITC Meeting
April 7, 2017
Vance 006 

Present: Sarah Gross, Gustavo Mejia, Kevin Kean, Lisa Washko, Chad Williams, Matt Orange, Catherine Thomas, Young Moo Sohn, Sharon Clapp, and Steven Block
Ex officio: Dana Hanford
Guests: Jennifer Nicoletti, Sean McNickle, and Amy Kullgren 

1.      Approval of minutes

Moved to accept, passed

2.     Announcements

Reminder President Toro will be joining the final ITC meeting 5/5/2017

3.     ITS Department Announcements:

Move to Windows 10 will likely be happening over the summer.  A big driver in this is hardware compatibility.  Specifically, Dell is no longer providing Windows 7 drivers for some of their hardware increasing the need to move to a more current operating system.  Part of this roll out will also include a change in strategy for imaging the machines across campus.  Right now, the approach is a similar fully loaded image is put on all machines.  The strategy that ITS will be shifting to is machines will start with a common base image, and then only software that is needed for that specific location/use will be picked to be added to the image.

There will also be a change in virus software.  Rather than McAfee, there will be a switch to Cylance.  This solution is thought to provide better protection against zero-day threats than our current McAfee solution.  In addition, this solution is expected to consume fewer resources on the machines, which should be a better user experience.  The question was asked if this would add any additional load to the IT department in supporting this product over the McAfee.  Sean McNickle indicated there was not an expectation that it would.

4.     Library Technology Announcements


5.     Academic Area / Departmental Reports


6.     Old Business

Audience response system replacement evaluation is still ongoing.  There will be a demo of the iClicker product following the meeting.  An update on the status of the evaluation will be given at next meeting.

7.     New Business

The committee discussed feedback on the 5-year equipment replacement plan as requested by the Faculty Senate.  The consensus was that the items and replacement schedule listed made sense.  The committee agreed that we would pass this message on to the Faculty Senate.

The Faculty Senate President had requested that if possible, he would like committees to have their end of year reports presented at the next Faculty Senate meeting 4/17/2017.  Given that this was before the next scheduled ITC meeting, Chad indicated he would send a draft of the report via email for the committees review early next week.  If the report met the committee’s approval, it would be submitted for the next Faculty Senate agenda.

Adjourned 1:40pm

– Respectfully submitted, Chad Williams


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