Minutes – March 3, 2017 Meeting

ITC Meeting
March 3, 2017
Vance 006 

Present: Sarah Gross, Gustavo Mejia, Gena Givens, Kathy Hermes, Kevin Kean, Charles Menoche, Chad Williams, Lisa Washko, Young Moo Sohn, Tom Burkholder, Sharon Clapp, Steven Block
Ex officio: Dana Hanford
Guests: Jennifer Nicoletti, Lynn Bonesio-Peterson, Sean McNickle, Amy Kullgren 

1. Approval of minutes

Moved to accept, Gustavo M./Charles M., unanimous

2. Special election of vice-chair

With Matt Martin’s resignation due to injury and Chad Williams taking over, a vice-chair was needed to be appointed for the rest of the year

Charles Menoche volunteered to serve

Moved to acceptTom B./Young Moo Soon, unanimous

3. Announcements

Per our by-laws if you are interested in running for chair/vice-chair/secretary of this committee for AY 17-18 let the elections committee know. The officers must be current ITC members representing academic departments and in the first year of their latest appointments.  The election will be held the last meeting of year, May 5th, 2017. Interested parties should contact Chad before next meeting

4. ITS Department Announcements:

(Jennifer N.)
Blackboard now fully moved over to ccsu.blackboard.com (vs. old ct-ccsu.blackboard.com, which is still online, but not active – can pull stuff over from). Let Jennifer know if information is missing in the new Blackboard.
Turning Point 5 and current clickers/receivers via Turning Technologies end of life for that version as of Sept., will no longer work – when??  Turning point is going to cloud, but the hardware is out of date. They are going to be on campus soon – more details will be coming. Other solutions, including free ones (via smart phone apps, instead of using specialized hardware & software setups) available these days. We now have clickers that will work but when have to switch to the new clickers , if we continue with Turning Technologies, they will not work with the older receivers and software. iClicker might be another solution, used by UCONN. There are questions about other CSCU colleges/universities using clickers. In the meantime, Tom will send info about heavy users of that clicker to Jennifer to talk, since they should be in on testing / migration. Anyone can send Jennifer the list of names of people who are stakeholders/heavy users of the clickers

The current Webex is now administered through BOR System office. We are switching as we now have 500 licenses available, so will setup a new webex environment here at CCSU. Cisco Spark– persistent chatrooms, etc., similar to Skype; many toolsets in it. (Bluejeans didn’t work out – too expensive) and Cisco product has licenses thrown in. Stay tuned, more testing to come. What is the timeline for the migration off of their webex per System office? (not known yet, but not during this academic year)
Amy had difficulty finding the ITC minutes/agendas/information. It is on the you.ccsu.edu website. Jennifer will talk with Derek about linking main website to our website.
Amy said that Tina is working on updating pt faculty email list setup with Kevin– Kevin may take over admin, working with IT, but not fully worked out – in process

5. Library Technology Announcements

(Dana) none / (Sharon) Lunch & Learn with Open Educational Resources event will take place at noon on Tuesday, March 7th, featuring Kevin Corcoran of the CT Distance Learning Consortium, panels of students talking about textbook affordability, several faculty members talking about the use of open textbooks, including Amy K. Tom asked how many people (besides himself & Amy) are using OER — no one else.

6. Academic Area / Departmental Reports


7. Old Business

PT faculty email/Outlook list (covered under ITS updates)

8. New Business

Lab equipment upgrade cycle


(CFO) Charlene Casamento was trying to get listing of all technologies in need of upgrade for labs for President Toro, including both lab equipment and also computer equipment. It was due 3/1. We may want to have the new President come to ITC and talk about the upgrade request process. Lynn can ask for more clarification about what is needed – what is a “lab” and what needs to be included in the technology refreshment requests / upgrade cycles. Amy points out that there is not much distinction between labs and classrooms from IT’s perspective. All computers provided through IT. But other equipment is not through IT. E.g., technologies that aren’t specifically computers / data projectors, etc. Specialized equipment for labs not included in technology refreshment/requests. Screens are tough like the ones put into Vance upon opening from construction/other funds, but when refresh/replace then is an IT expense.

Adjourned 1:44pm
Tom/Sharon, all

– Respectfully submitted, Sharon Clapp

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