Draft Minutes May 5th, 2017 ITC Meeting

May 5, 2017

Vance 006 

Present: Kathy Hermes, Young Sohn, Gena Givens, Lisa Washko, Catherine Thomas, Matt Orange, Kevin Kean, Tom Burkholder, Pankaj Nagpal, and Chad Williams

Ex officio: Lynn Peterson

Guests: President Toro, Jennifer Nicoletti, Kelly Hampp, Claude Abbott, Tina Rivera, and Amy Kullgren

Meeting called to order at 1:17 pm

  1. Approval of minutes

  • Minutes of April 7th, 2017

Motion to accept, passed

  1. Announcements

Per committee by-laws the first order of business for the last meeting must be election of committee leadership for the following academic year.

Officer elections for AY 2017-2018

Called for nominations and the following people were elected by the committee unopposed:

  • Tom Burkholder – Chair
  • Matt Orange – Vice Chair
  • Catherine Thomas – Secretary
  1. Discussion with President Toro regarding role ITC can play in her vision for CCSU

Committee invited President Toro to present her vision for CCSU and the role ITC can play in that vision.  President Toro indicated she would like to focus on a 5 year plan for IT.  Not just an analysis of renewal, but a more global analysis.  Analysis should include topics such as moving Banner and other apps to the cloud; integration of IT in the classroom; and online delivery of courses (fully online, hybrid, more integration of tech in classroom).  Work with faculty to be more proactive on the future needs and questions related to IT than in the past where we often had to be reactionary.  May need to look at current IT organizational chart to ensure skill needs met for CCSU’s 5 year vision.  Confirm what type of expertise and skills are in place, and what will be needed 3-5 years down the road.  The goal should be we are prepared for when the system office asks for something we are in a good position to present the current state of things and our concrete plan rather than needing to be reactionary to the request which puts the university in a weaker position.

President Toro’s priorities:

  • Enrollment
    • What can we do in terms of IT to reach 15 thousand students?
    • We can do better at identifying technology to assist students with disabilities. We would like to put our school in a position to claim we are a campus that embraces students with disabilities
    • Bring technology to our community as a way to create a pipeline of students
    • If we have a solid plan for moving forward it is easier to effectively run fund raising efforts
  • Develop a comprehensive 5 year plan
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Programmatic
    • Professional development
    • Processes


  • Tom raised that currently we assume incoming students are more tech savvy, but for some key topics this doesn’t seem to be the case. We may need to incorporate some sort of technical orientation for new students. President Toro suggested perhaps an extended orientation with a module to help students on the web with a link to the material sent to students once admitted. Amy brought up that currently IT is developing things to help students, but it is difficult to get the word out.
  • Committee member raised, faculty also need more help with keeping up with technology. Particularly more flexible times to help support adjuncts
  • It was brought up could pursue one off fund raising ideas to help support different specific efforts. President Toro indicated she does not want to do this unless we have a comprehensive technology plan that is merged with our 5 year academic plan. Unless that is in place to put the context in the overall direction, it can hurt overall fund raising efforts. She is looking for this committee to also identify what technology is needed in the classroom to support the 5 year academic plan.
  • Tom raised we should have the forms for change/declaration of major/minor/registration etc. moved to electronic forms so time isn’t wasted by departments on paper copies and tracking them which also often aggravates students. President Toro indicated this made sense. She recommended looking at all processes for onboarding and prioritize what to address first
  • President Toro’s deadline for the 5 year plan for IT is end of the Fall semester. The hope is to have the combined 5 year IT and academic plan in place for when the system office looks to set its vision for the future of CSCU
  1. Library Technology Announcements


  1. Academic Area/Departmental Reports


  1. Old Business


  1. New Business

  • One topic brought up when discussing classroom technology with President Toro was putting smart boards in more rooms. The number of classrooms with smart boards is increasing, but there is not enough money allocated to that specifically to increase the number of classes with them quickly. Regarding this, it was brought up that some classes with smart boards the features of the boards are not being used so difficult to know need. It was discussed that one challenge is seeing a demo of the board’s features by the IT staff is helpful, but knowing how to incorporate those features into individual course specific curriculum can be a challenge. It was noted that if there are instructors that specifically want to use a smart board, their department Chair can request a smart board for their section in the comments of the room reservation process.
  • Previously there had been a subcommittee of the ITC to address technology needs of classrooms. It was suggested that this subcommittee be reformed in the Fall to address classroom complaints and requests, but more specifically the classroom technology portion of President Toro’s 5 year plan
  1. Open forum on audience response system replacement (Nicoletti)

Question was asked to group, based on those that have presented over the past weeks which product was preferred. Several suggested Turning Point due to ability to use mobile app or hardware solution, and the hardware we have will still work. The downside of TopHat was the functionality seemed to replicate much of what Blackboard does. Also, TopHat’s web based interface took away a lot of the dynamic animations instructors used in PowerPoint. Concern was raised regarding Turning Point of what guarantee will they provide regarding timely support as currently this is a major problem. IT indicated part of the current problem is they have limited motivation to support an old product with phasing out support, but this concern will definitely be noted. It was brought up that currently several courses have a large investment in courses created with Turning Point. Cost of Turning Point is $24.99 for 1 year student purchase of mobile app or $18.99 physical clicker. This cost could be either handled as a purchase needed to be made by the student like a required textbook, or another possibility would be departments purchasing physical clickers which could be shared among students. Brought up that it would be useful having somebody work 1 on 1 with faculty as to how to use it in their specific curriculum as general introductions to the product often are not particularly helpful. Action to be taken: Bring Turning Point back over the summer to show how to convert specific class material and integrate with Blackboard for a final evaluation.

  1. Creating IT training for students prior to coming to campus (Burkholder)

  • Currently there is a major problem with students repeatedly falling for phishing emails
  • When identified by Microsoft, students are locked out of sending emails, but can still read emails. They must work with IT to get access again which adds a significant load on IT (800 tickets in April alone)
  • IT has been trying to get the work out by offering information sessions with free ice cream, but it is difficult to reach significant numbers
  • Tom suggested for incoming students provide some basic training in internet security. The group identified the following potential options:
    • Include in FYE curriculum
    • 1 credit required course
    • 1-2 hour course, if student’s complete they are entered in a raffle drawn at the end of each month
  • Suggested action: start by incorporating in FYE in the form of a guest appearance by IT or in ENG 101/110
  1. Ideas for Ojakian’s IT planning committee (Burkholder)

Some discussion, with action item being if anyone wants to talk about IT related issues for the “planning” teams, they can contact Tom privately at trburkholder@gmail.com.

Adjourned ~3pm.  

Respectfully submitted, Chad Williams


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