Minutes – November 4, 2016

Information Technology Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 4, 2016 1:15pm, Vance 009

ITC Minutes Nov 4 2016

Present: Matt Martin, Gustavo Mejia, Matt Orange, Kevin Kean, Sarah Gross, Charles Menoche, Steven Block, Eugena Givens, Chad Williams, Pankaj Nagpal, Tom Burkholder, Sarah Maurer, Lisa Washko, Young Moo sohn, Catherine Thomas, Dana Hanford, Henry Rudzinski, Sean McNickle

Guests: Tina Rivera, Amy Kullgren, Lynn Bonesio-Peterson

1.    Approval of minutes of October 7 (Mejia/Menoche)

2.    Announcements – None

3.    ITS Department Information/Updates – Lynn Bonesio

·         Course Evaluations – Online Student Opinion Surveys

·   Looking to use Course Eval (Charter Oak uses it)

·   Survey could be customized for each department

·   Ready to do a pilot – how do we want to proceed with it?

·   Could be used for both on-ground and online courses

·   Questions and discussion about how to ensure that just the students in the class take the survey and does it integrate with Moodle.

·   It was decided that this topic should be brought to the online learning committee.

·   The ITC will need an official representative from this committee.  Two current members, Tom Burkholder and Gustavo Mejia will be on that committee by default.

4.    Library Technology Announcements – None

5.    Old Business – Date for Hardware and Software Requests

·         Due to the fact that budgets are not looked at until mid-February, the new deadline for software requests is January 3, 2017.  The subcommittee will be meet in January and present to the full committee at the February 2017 meeting.  The software subcommittee includes Lisa W, Henry R, Charles M, Sarah Maurer, and Catherine T.

·         It was suggested that any new software requests should go to the Dean’s as a one-time request, as well as the ITC.  In the past few years, only upgrades and on-going maintenance requests have been funded.

6.    New Business

·         Motion (Burkholder/Orange): Soliciting volunteers to represent the ITC on the online learning committee.  Sharon Clapp and Pankaj Nagpal volunteered.  Move to close (Menoche/Burkholder) Paper vote – Sharon Clapp received the most votes and will represent the ITC.

·         Thomas Burkholder – DCL3 Training

·   Why is it required?  Takes 2 hours to complete.

·   Need to comply with BOR mandates.

·   Lynn B (CIO) will follow up with CIO council.

·         Pankaj Nagpal asked about purchasing Citation software for doing research.  Sarah Maurer mentioned that the Library has a license for Mendeley.

7.    Meeting adjourned 2:05pm (Burkholder/Mejia)

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