Minutes – October 7, 2016

Information Technology Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, October 7, 2016 1:15pm Vance 009

Present: Matt Martin, Matt Orange, Tom Burkholder, Gustavo Mejia, Sharon Clapp, Kathy Hermes, Charles Menoche, Chad Albert, Steven Block, Young Moo Sohn, Kevin Kean, Pankaj Nagpal, Sarah Maurer, Catherine Thomas, Amy Kullgren, Chad Williams,

Ex Officio: Dana Hanford, Sean McNickle

Link to PDF of minutes

Approval of minutes of Sept., as amended (addition of Catherine Thomas as being present)
Burkholder/K. Hermes, unanimous

1   Introductions

2   Announcements


3   ITS Department Information/Updates

Blackboard meetings (Sarah Maurer):

  • Ultra is new shell / system for Blackboard, supposed to be responsive, new organization/architecture, so might be difficult for those who are fully invested in prior sys. By end of year, (slowly changing over/adding functionality) will have fully put over. easier to change availability.
    • Roadmap? Amy K. (roadmap is tentative)
      • download “BB Student” app and/or “BB Teacher” app to test
      • want a lot of faculty feedback/input, once a month not enough,
      • when to move over to new environment? can we stage migration?
      • Chad Albert says already hosted in managed, new version is SAAS (multi-tenant) – we can have different settings than other CC’s and CSU’s,
      • or can have Blackboard Ultra overlay – can start playing with it, sandbox, but not move everyone over this spring
      • the question is whether or not we move to newer Blackboard  and if so, do we do it with ultra overlay (question of ADA issues in ultra); notifications not working right now
      • Ultra updates every 4 to 5 weeks – continuous delivery of software, mutli tiered – dev/staging as well as prod sites
      • 4 year agreement with 2 year out
      • the promise is that Blackboard will migrate all content
      • preview.blackboard.com – to try out Ultra
      • 39% of the 280 consulting hours remain for Blackboard

4    Library Technology Announcements – N/A

5 Academic Area/Departmental Reports

  • Scantron scanner moved to registrar; the one that had been IDTRC for faculty has been moved to Copernicus, hallway, 2nd floor, inside a suite of faculty offices, so you can use that one; school of business has one on 4th floor; 1 in mailroom;
  • Amy says going to try piloting an online student opinion survey system by end of fall, using each department’s survey instrument (called CourseEval) to be piloted online learning
  • History Dept. teaching seminar Oct. 19 at 12:15 in their conference Room about gender bias
  • Office 365 group functionality – shared mailbox, calendar, and onenote? and will try out as replacement for listserv, like a sharepoint front end but allows external users’ emails to be added, too; easier to join/unjoin the groups (part-time faculty have an old email distro list that they may want to move to this type of group)

6   Old Business

  •      Subcommittees (update on current subcommittee members)
  • Looking for folks to be on election committee – Chad Williams (& Kevin)
  • Add Chad Williams & Dana to email list
  • What’s the timeline for software ordering – contacting Faculty Senate President to send email to remind people to fill out forms for software/hardware (2 forms: 1 hardware, 1 software) – due by first week of January to CIO, so need the finals before, by December (include the Deans)

7 New Business

  • 21st-century classroom funding coming up

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