Minutes – September 2, 2016

Information Technology Committee Minutes – September 2, 2016 Meeting

9/2/16, 1:15PM, Room: HK 131

IT Meeting Minutes – September 2, 2016

Present: Matt Martin, Matt Orange, Thomas Burkholder, Kevin Kean, Kathy Hermes, Sara Maurer, Charles Menoche, Sean McNickle

 Guests: Lynn Bonesio-Peterson, Tina Rivera, Amy Kullgren

Approval of minutes of May 6, 2016

Minutes unanimously approved (K. Kean / K. Hermes)



ITS Department Information / Updates

Blackboard Learn contract has been extended for 4 years with an out after 2 years – includes a dedicated HelpDesk with 24 hr service.  There will be a planning meeting on October 4-6, here on campus, for the new Blackboard platform.  Faculty input will eventually be needed for a potential transition to Blackboard Ultra.  Discussion centered around the specifics of making the switch from Learn to Ultra, and representation at the planning meetings and on decision-making committee.

Review of Subcommittees

  1. Software
    • 1 from Biology off
    • Need member(s) – Sara Maurer and Charles Menoche volunteer
  2. Classroom Technology
    • 2 off
    • Thomas Burkholder and Kathy Hermes volunteer
  3. Election
    • 2 off
    • Kevin Kean volunteers
    • Still need 2 more volunteers
  • Charles Menoche raised issue of Events Management and responsibilities of IT and/or Facilities for reliable/usable audio in rooms (Torp and Welte in particular).
  • Sean McNickle requested comments on the new phone system and provided additional information. One more training session is still available.  Departments will still be charged for long distance, but the amount billed should be reduced within a few months.  Departments can request, via the HelpDesk, to have a phone enabled to make international calls.
  • Amy Kullgren recommends that faculty and staff not sync Drop Box with CCSU PCs.
  • Sean informs committee that Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) may be introduced to email – it is currently being tested. This will offer extra protection against phishing emails.
  • Committee was polled about meeting in RVAC 009 for future meetings.
  • Motion to adjourn (Burkolder / Menoche)

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