BOR Draft Information Security Policy (November, 2012)

Information Security Draft Policy, November 2012.

Comments are due to Jeff Clark (, BOR Security Program Manager, by Friday, January 11, 2013.  Please feel free to leave comments here and I will make sure they get to the BOR before the deadline.

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Link to Cybersecurity Video

Here’s the link that James was talking about at the October meeting:

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Our first meeting of 2012-2013

The first meeting will be Friday, September 7, 2012 at 1:15 in Burritt Library (3rd floor classroom).   Agenda posted soon.


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May 4th ITC Meeting

Our next meeting is May 4th at 1pm in the Burritt Library Classroom (3rd floor)

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2012-2013 Software Requests

Here is the list of software requested.  All of the maintenance and upgrade items were funded.  The new items, highlighted in yellow, were forwarded to the provost for consideration for end-of-the-year funding.

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March 2, 2012 Meeting

The meeting will be at 1pm in the Sprague Carlton room.

Here is the Agenda

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Bylaws Revision

I appreciate the excellent discussion today on the bylaw revisions.  The current bylaws are here and the marked-up copy is here: Bylaws Marked for Revision.

Please comment below.  If you need an account on the blog, register here:



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Multimedia Classroom Survey

Again this semester, the Multimedia Classroom subcommittee of the Faculty Senate Information Technology Committee is soliciting feedback from all faculty on their experiences using the Multimedia Stations on campus. Please take this brief survey as it will go a long way in improving multimedia classroom technology across campus.  All suggested improvements will be considered and prioritized by the subcommittee based on funding.
Please note that the survey we conducted in Spring 2011 helped us gather a good amount of data (which we still have).  Some of the issues were addressed and with the given funding three new Multimedia Stations were installed during Winter Break in buildings that had a low percentage of stations.  As usual, funding is a big question but we will continue to address important issues as the money becomes available.

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On Calendars, Listservs and Garbage

Promoted from a comment left by Otis Mamed.  This definitely deserved its own post.

Since 1986 I have maintained some form of Master Calendar of CCSU Events. In the old days it was called “The Pink Sheet”. It was a printed list of the titles of every event known to be scheduled on campus (Student Center, Memorial Hall, Founders, Torp, Welte, Sports and grounds) for the upcoming week, with a couple of highlights for major events in the following weeks. Over the years, as we automated more and more, we could “schedule” events located in any room on campus, “if” people chose to share that information or the Student Center CRO could drag it out of them. In 1996, then President Judd, “mandated” that all events be scheduled through one system, EMS (Events Management Software). In 1998, I implemented a “virtual calendar” which listed all the events that were “shared” or “scheduled” with the Central Reservations Office. And in 2005, I implemented the new version of that software called… EMS – MasterCalendar, which we now know as “TODAY @ CCSU” (

I heard that at the Senate / President Open Forum it was suggested that we “create a master event calendar” which would do similar to what is currently in place!

The problem I have in trying to manage this “MasterCalendar” is… “Garbage In, Garbage Out” (GIGO). The value of the calendar is only as good as the value of the data it contains. Campus constituents have attempted all forms of “virtual”, “electronic”, and “web” based calendars to solve their individual needs. We import events scheduled through 5 different offices on campus into this calendar, some with terrible titles and horrible spelling! We need to meet the need of the full community, not just niche factions. That’s old school. Ye olde technology, in the form of listserv based announcements, campus e-mail blasts, department by department web calendars should be abandoned in favor of a more Social Media, Web 2.0 student focused means of sharing and planning events… (also designed for mobile devices!) such as… TODAY @ CCSU ( !

If you are interested in the capability of this calendar, I would be more than happy to share its features. I have demonstrated it for the Information Technology Committee, Student Affairs, Student Clubs, School of Business, Center for International Education, IT Tech-Talk and more. I think it is catching on, but needs more “top-down” support. Let me know how I can be of assistance if you agree.

W. Otis Mamed, Director, Student Center and Central Reservations Office (CRO)

The college union grew out of the view held by educators, that what happens during the hours outside the classroom is a major dimension of the education students receive – vastly expanding the time, area and means through which the college educates.


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Discussion of Email Policy at U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign has an article about some controversies regarding email policy revisions at UIUC.   UIUC Proposed Changes to Email Policy (pdf).   Since ITC has devoted considerable energy in the past discussing some of the same issues, I thought it would be helpful to see how those same kinds of discussions are evolving at other universities.

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