Subcommittee Reports

Current Subcommittees and Members

  • Software subcommittee:
    • Henry Rudzinski (SEST)
    • Pankaj, Nagpal (Accounting, Business)
    • Clayton Penniman (Biology, SEST)
    • Catherine Thomas (Nursing, SEPS)
    • Chad Williams (Computer Science, SEST)
  • Classroom Technology subcommittee:
    • Henry Rudzinski (SEST)
    • David Oyanadel (IDTRC)
    • Clayton Penniman (Biology, SEST)
  • Election subcommittee:
    • Jason Melnyk
    • David Oyanadel
    • Kevin Kean

Learning Management System Review

Software Request Subcommittee

Multimedia Classroom Subcommittee

One Response to Subcommittee Reports

  1. Catherine Thomas says:

    I am from SEPS and I am willing to help with the software request subcommittee – as I am unable to make it to the main committee meetings on Fridays because I teach a full day clinical at the hospital with nursing students! I hope your meetings are not on Friday days! Please let me know! Thanks Catherine Thomas

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