Ireland Spring Break 2008 079

On the trip Professor Mary Ann Mahony will talk about researching Irish family history and genealogy, and point to some important resources both online and in Ireland.  Tony Johnston will describe his work researching the family who owned his house.  We can arrange for meetings with local Derry genealogists.  During our last two days in Dublin, we will tour important archives and public record offices with those who are interested.

If you are serious about researching your Irish family history we recommend that you schedule some time, either before or after the trip, on your own to to use the many resources in Dublin, to travel to Belfast to use the PRONI, or go to local archives in the county or town where your ancestors lived.  We can put you in touch with experts who will help.

If you are new to genealogy Professor Mary Ann Mahony will be offering a Continuing Education Course at CCSU in June 2015 on “Beginning Research in Irish Family History and Genealogy.”  If you take this course you will have access to CCSU’s databases, including the institutional version of Ancestry.


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