Welcome to KLQ World Final

Congratulations to national teams, coaches, families and friends of KLQ. You have made it this far and now that you know you are heading to the World Final you are probably wondering things like, How do we prepare for our time in Connecticut? When do we need to arrive? Where will we stay? What will we do while we are there? How can we prepare for our exciting upcoming exciting adventure?  I know both teams/coaches and accompanying families have lots of questions.

This site is designed to answer these questions and more. Please know that it is a work in progress and over time more information will be provided to keep you up to date. Meanwhile, on behalf of our committee, the CCSU community and fellow KLQ schools and participants, we welcome you and we are excited about having you join us. Please be prepared to make friends and lots of wonderful memories!

Dr. Catherine Kurkjian

Ms. Maureen Billings
Maydie Bombart
Asst. Atty. General William Bumpus
Alderwoman Stephanie Cummings
Mr. Dan Donshik
Ms. Jane Fox
Ms. Darlene Kassa
Ms. Clare Taylor


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