Moodle 2 Rollout Plan for CCSU

Posted by Thomas Burkholder on January 6th, 2012 — Posted in Policy


It only took me 9 months to get back around to fixing some issues with installing Moodle 2 on the test server.  Moodle 2.0 wouldn’t play nicely with the version of php we had running and ITS had given me a fairly antique version of CentOS.  None of which you should really care about.  The good news is that I fixed some of the issues and installed Moodle 2 on the test server.

The new instance is here:  and is running the last official version of Moodle 2.2 . I will try to update to the latest stable and see if that will work.

A course has been successfully restored from the CCSU Moodle (1.9) server backup.  There are some default settings that will need to be changed so that I can add teachers to courses more effectively, but it works.

So the Roadmap

This Spring, Now a few intrepid souls will be asked to beta (alpha) test their courses on this new test instance.  Anyone else is welcome to have a test course to try out as well.  I’m really interested in having someone who uses quizzes frequently since that is an often mentioned flaw with Moodle 1.9.  I would suggest that you not try this with 100 student classes, though I may try for my General Chemistry I class.   I’m also restricting users to only use their email addresses.

This Summer I will work with ITS to have a new server instance created to house the new production server and experiment with importing the existing Moodle site into this new server.  This failed miserably last summer but hopefully the code updates and fixing the php version issue will fix the problem.  I will also continue the beta testing asking most people to try out the test server instead of using the existing production server.

This Fall I believe we will have moved to the new production server which will be called and the transition more or less transparent to the average student.   We’ll create an FAQ for Moodle 1.9 teachers to use Moodle 2.0

In the event that we have issues with Moodle 2.2 that are critical, we’ll keep the existing production server running and try to work out any kinks.

People who are alpha and beta testers will be asked to post their thoughts and issues on this blog.   

If you’d like to comment on this blog, you need only register at .  If you’d like to post something to the blog, and I am looking for volunteers, you can either email me and have me post it for you or I can make you an author and you can post it on your own.

Please feel free to comment on this post or write your own response.  Moodle has been a community effort since a couple of us started with Moodle 1.4 back in Fall 2004 and I think it’s worth pursuing in the future.

Thanks,  Tom