Are there generally accepted best practices for online courses? (Jones)

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These guidelines were sent to me from a colleague in the math department at Fitchburg State. I believe they were written by, and are intended for, the math department.

l A significant amount of written work (homework/quizzes/exams) must be done by hand and submitted. Such work may be submitted via US mail or preferably by scanning then sending via email or posting on blackboard.

l All students will take some exams either on campus or with a proctor approved by the instructor. The proctor will be a professional employee of a school, library, commercial testing center, or other appropriate institution and will not have any personal relationship with the student. If there is any question about the appropriateness of a particular proctor, the instructor will get the approval of the Mathematics Department Chair before the exam is administered by this proctor. These exams must be worth at least 50% of the final grade.

l The on-campus/proctored component of the course must be passed in order to pass the course.

l The online course must cover the core syllabus as provided by the Mathematics Department.

l Professor-student communication must be done in an appropriate manner. Correspondence should be done with a widely-available standard that supports mathematics.

l The availability of the professor should be clearly explained in the syllabus.

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Quality-control guidelines (not sure if this counts as “best practices”):

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