What are the assessment models for online courses? (Tully)

Posted by Thomas Burkholder on January 24th, 2013 — Posted in Practices

(Talk with Marrianne Fallon about the trial they conducted)


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The math department at SCSU has a requirement that at least one test (normally the final) be given on campus or in a secure location.

Posted on February 5, 2013 at 4:37 pm

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Hello, all.

I had a very good conversation with Prof. Marianne Fallon. She described a two-fold issue with regard to assessment models: which instrument to use and how to implement that instrument. The overall challenge is finding a way to collect and collate data efficiently from students.

The biggest hurdle that Marianne sees is finding a way to have our LMS and Banner tweaked to allow students to submit assessments. With a more centralized system taking over, nobody seems interested in tweaking things for just a few classes.

My sense after our talk is that before CCSU moves ahead we need to be sure that a clear way for students to submit course assessments is in place and scalable.

In my, albeit limited, Internet research on ways that faculty can self-assess the quality of their online courses, I was most impressed with this instrument from Illinois State:



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Oops. Forgot to post this link to an article on ways that students try to cheat in online assessments within the class.



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