Peace Studies at CCSU

The CCSU Peace Studies Programs offers courses and a minor on the study of issues related to war and peace. We offer the following courses to students at CCSU during fall and spring term, and to the general public on-line during the summer:

  • Peace Studies 110: Problems of War and Peace (Fall and Summer)
  • Peace Studies 111: War and Peace Through Film (Fall and Summer)
  • Peace Studies 202: Peace Psychology (Spring)
  • Peace Studies 210: Topics in Peace Studies (Fall, Spring and Summer)
  • Peace Studies 310: Internship in Peace Studies (Fall and Spring on demand)
  • Peace Studies 345: Philosophy of War and Peace (Spring, alternate years)
  • Peace Studies 410: Research in Peace Studies (Fall and Spring on demand)
  • as well as a number of cross-listed courses in Political Science, History and other disciplines

For more information on the courses and the 18-credit minor, or a planned 12 credit certificate, contact the program co-cordinators:

Panel on the Iran Nuclear Deal

There will be a Panel Discussion on the pros and cons of the Iran Nuclear Agreement on Weds, Sept. 9 at 4:30

The Panel will be held in Diloreto 001. Panelists are:

  • Attorney Amir Handjani
  • Mike Jones, Maj. Gen. (ret.)
  • Ned Lamont – moderator

Please see the attached poster for more details.