Minor in Social Justice

The Philosophy department minor in Social Justice introduces students to philosophical literature and analysis through the examination of concepts and theories related to social justice, such as those concerning equality, democracy, and oppression. Moreover, through their coursework, students will apply philosophical concepts and theories to contemporary issues of social justice within the United States, such as racism in the criminal justice system, affirmative action, poverty, gender-based violence, and welfare. Finally, students will work to develop and improve their skills in philosophical reasoning, discourse, writing, and problem solving, particularly as these apply to questions and concerns of social justice. Completion of the Social Justice minor requires 18 credits total, which are to be distributed as follows

12 credits from the following courses:

  • Phil 221 Intro to Modern Logic
  • Phil 244 Intro to Social Justice
  • Phil 290 Philosophical Methods
  • Phil 344 Topics in Philosophy of Social Justice

6 Credits from the following options:

  • Phil 144 Moral Issues
  • Phil 211 Global Justice
  • Soc 212 Gender, Race, & Class
  • Soc 240 Sociology of Gender
  • CRM 240 Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice
  • CRM 245 Diversity and Criminal Justice

For more information, contact Prof. Audra King at (860) 832-3677 or email

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