the professional historian in a web 2.0 world

One of the most useful purposes of social media for the professional historian, as any other person using social media is interaction.  In Stephanie S. Yee’s blog, her post “Social Media: Connecting Curators to Museum Patrons” introduced me to a few really insightful things. First of all I think the idea of Ask a Curator is really helpful, and I agree that this really does  help curators maintain “an authoritative voice in their fields” via web and these media sites. This more importantly allows  a curators expertise to be more accessible and interactive with the public. While Stephanie S. Yee was explaining this, she provided a link to another website Museums and web 2.0, more specifically an article by  Erika Dicker showing all sorts of graphs, images and factoids about curators and social media.  I really love the idea of promotion, and interactive programs/websites through social media sites for museums and historical societies.  Using these sites for  this kinda of interaction, can really build interest and reach out to more people than just by having even a museum website.  I think that web 2.0 gives professional historians and archivists louder voices, not leaving them in the background. Curators too often don’t get the credit that they deserve by the public. To really get the most attention with anything today implementation of social media sites and using the web for outreach is absolutely the way to go.


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