Welcome – October 2012

Written By: idtrc - Sep• 28•12

Welcome back for the Fall 2012 Semester and welcome to The Center Lines, the official newsletter of CCSU’s Instructional Design and Technology Resource Center!

This fall we are fully immersed in the implementation of Blackboard Learn as Central’s official Learning Management System, so we’ve been busier than we ever could’ve imagined. Training is ongoing for Blackboard Learn so be on the lookout for training announcements and any Learn tips we post in this space!

In addition to Blackboard Learn, this month we cover our new Scantron machine, a TurningPoint software update and a fabulous Classroom Collaboration we were lucky to work on this summer. Remember the Center is open Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., every week, so stop in and say “Hi!”

The Center Staff
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What We Offer – Scantron OMR

Written By: idtrc - Sep• 28•12

The newest addition to our jam-packed quiver of technological arrows in Willard 004 is our Scantron iNSIGHT 4 ES scanner and Optical Mark Read (OMR) software.

“The iNSIGHT 4ES offers you all the robust capabilities of optical mark recognition (OMR) technology-plus a wealth of expanded functions through document imaging. The iNSIGHT 4ES scanner accurately scans an OMR form for written pencil and pen marks (such as bubbles, check marks, tick marks) and bar codes, giving you the most precise and effective data available.

This scanner also adds the power and flexibility of image capture. The iNSIGHT 4ES capture both images of full pages or image clips of text areas or text boxes, such as essay responses on a test or comment fields on a survey. This dynamic scanner can meet all your data collection needs today and in the future.”

Our New OMR Scanner

It is available for all who would like to use it in the back of  The Center.   Currently, our staff is available for basic questions. We hope to provide more indepth support in the future.  So, please stop by to use the machine, no appointment necessary!


Take Our Word For It – JEDSN and Dr. Cathy Kurkjian

Written By: idtrc - Sep• 28•12

The big project for The Center this summer was our collaboration with CCSU’s Jamaican Educator Development and Support Network (JEDSN). For the second summer in a row, our staff assisted a large group of Jamaican Elementary school teachers with a multimedia project as part of their Reading and Language Arts Master’s Program. The program has the teachers come to CCSU for a whole month and earn their degree in Reading and Language Arts:

“The Reading and Language Arts Department at Central Connecticut State University offers its Master’s Degree to Jamaican educators wishing to update their educational credentials. The Master of Science degree offers strands in Classroom Instruction in Reading and Language Arts, and Corrective and Remedial Reading and Language Arts. Fifteen credits of the program are offered on site in Jamaica; students accepted to the program must attend 12 credits on the CCSU campus to complete all requirements. Since 2004 our program has flourished and has graduated many outstanding professionals who make an important difference in Jamaican schools.”

As part of their Children’s Literature course with Dr. Catherine Kurkjian the teachers learned how to use Windows Live Movie Maker to create photo slideshows that can help them present items in different ways to their students back home in the Caribbean. To see how the medium translates to work in classroom, the teachers also worked with children from the Prudence Crandall Center in New Britain to help them make videos as well.

The teachers began their experience by creating brief introductions of themselves. Here are some examples:

Their next project was to create theatrical trailers for a story they would be sharing with the children from the Prudence Crandall Center. These were very creative, some were for more well known children’s books, but here are two examples of trailers for traditional Jamaican folktales:

The last project was to help the children create introductions of themselves using Movie Maker, similar to the ones the teachers began with. This was a month long project, with 25 teachers and about a dozen children, but it turned out to be a great success and Dr. Kurkjian was thrilled with the work her students, and their “students,” produced.

Do you have an assignment for your students where you would like to integrate technology such as podcasting or video but don’t have the time to teach it?  That’s where The Instructional Design and Technology Resource Center  comes in.  Our Instructional Technologists will work with you to teach your student’s the technology and provide support along the way, just like we did with JEDSN.



Tip of the Month – Blackboard Learn Discussions

Written By: idtrc - Sep• 28•12

Blackboard learn is deep into its implementation here at CCSU and we want you to be prepared for when it becomes the standard! This Fall we have about 500 sections using the new software, so the transition is well under way!

Learn has a vastly different look than Blackboard Vista but we are here to help you with the transition. Check out our website to learn more about registering for the workshops that we are offering. It is highly recommended that instructors enroll in our “Moving to Learn” workshop before they use the Learning Management System for the first time. The workshop will go over all of the basics that you will need to know for getting started. Classes will be held regularly and the schedule of the workshops is constantly updated.  If you are unable to enroll in the session that you want, that is due to the class already being filled. Keep checking our calendar for more information on when the next session is available.

Here is one of our first Blackboard Learn demonstrations, this one covers Discussion boards, a staple of online instruction:

This tutorial and other support information are available at our Blackboard Learn Faculty Support Resources page.

As always we are here to help you understand the computer programs that are supported by the University. If you have any questions about Blackboard Learn, please do not hesitate to email us at idtrc@ccsu.edu. We are here to help you and make the change from Blackboard vista to Blackboard learn a smooth and enjoyable experience!


Did You Know? – TurningPoint Update

Written By: idtrc - Sep• 28•12

All Instructor workstations in classrooms have been updated with version 5.0 of TurningPoint!

If you’re unfamiliar, TurningPoint is a program that allows students to actively participate in the PowerPoint slides that are presented to them during class. It is a way to take attendance, ask questions or vote by using a response device (we call them “clickers”). Recently, the TurningPoint  software has been updated.  The biggest change in the program is the interface. Once you open the program, you will have three main options to choose from as shown in the picture below.

The first option is labeled, “PowerPoint Polling” and when it is clicked Microsoft PowerPoint will open. You can then incorporate TurningPoint polling into the PowerPoint presentation that you create.

The middle option is “Anywhere Polling” which allows you to create a poll “on the fly” without the use of PowerPoint.

The final option, “Self-Paced Polling” allows participants to take a paper-based test on a response device.

Please feel free to contact the Center for answers to any questions that you may have with the new TurningPoint  software.