Did You Know? – Fillable Forms in MS Word

Written By: idtrc - Sep• 01•11

Many people use Adobe Professional to make fillable forms but did you know that Microsoft Word also has this capability?  Many people are more familiar with Word and therefore more comfortable with the Word interface making the learning curve smaller.

Fillable forms can replace old paper forms where people have to manually write-in the data thus creating room for undesired results.  With fillable forms, you can get the targeted information you need by constraining the user input fields.

Word fillable forms are easy to create.  To get started, the following tutorials provide a brief and easy to follow visual introduction.
Fillable Forms 1
Fillable Forms 2
Fillable Forms 3

You can also contact Jennifer Nicoletti at IDTRC@ccsu.edu for one-on-one training.


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  1. You can also use Google docs. I wrote up an intro for ProfHacker 2 years ago.