Did You Know? – Windows 7: Jump Lists

Written By: idtrc - Oct• 07•11

You may have noticed that campus classroom PCs have upgraded to the new Windows 7 operating system this fall. The Center wants to help make the transition as easy as possible for anyone who has never used 7 before, and may still be used to Windows XP, which you were using back in the spring.

Windows 7 has many features designed to make computing simpler, and one of the most obvious is the new “Jump List” feature.

Jump List Example

An Example of a Jump List

Jumps Lists are designed to help you find the items you use most, in the applications you use most. These lists pop up in the start menu and in the task bar when you click or mouse-over an icon. They show you the files or documents you’ve used most recently, and you can even pin items to your Jump Lists that you know you’ll want to access often.

Microsoft has provided a great guide with videos to help you get the most out of your Jump Lists. Enjoy!


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