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Written By: idtrc - Oct• 07•11
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Darren Sweeney, Meteorologist and Reporter at NBC Connecticut, Asst. Prof. of Journalism at CCSU

Most people know him as Meteorologist and Reporter for NBC Connecticut, but Darren Sweeney, also an Assistant Professor of Journalism at CCSU, is one of our most frequent visitors to The Center.

“I discovered The Center when I was an adjunct instructor here, and it helped me out immensely, just being able to come in, set up Blackboard Vista, get everything when I was new here up and running,” said Sweeney. “Now that I’m full-time, I deal with a lot of media; files, sharing, Skype-ing with other broadcasters across the country…other universities across the country, discussing other programs, and you guys are always there to set me up. You’ve always got a space there that’s quiet, to set me up with a computer.“

Sweeney has two classes that have been using The Center this Fall, Journalism 418-Video Journalism and Journalism 340-Introduction to Broadcast News.

“We are working on telling stories with video and sound,” said Sweeney. “We’re [in The Center] viewing video, then sending [the students] out to get video of the campus, bringing that video back into The Center and sitting them down to watch and critique the video to let them see what they’re doing.”

Sweeney has also used The Center for his spring TV News Practicum, Journalism 440, and plans to utilize our services the same way this coming Spring.

“We’ve been able to use your annex (Willard 003) as a functioning newsroom, because we’re without a journalism lab right now,” said Sweeney. “We’re also going be doing some newscasts that require us to pop into The Center to write up a script, or jump online to looks at the wires to see what’s going on and then head down to the studio.”

How does The Center help his students with their projects specifically?

“We’re talking about media now in miniDV tapes, memory cards in the cameras… you know, a ton of different equipment that doesn’t always talk to each other, and you guys are always there to help me put the pieces of the puzzle together and make my classes work,” said Sweeney. “Sometimes we can’t do everything with the teaching stations [in the classrooms], with all the media involved whether its Mac-based or PC-based, camera hookups, laptop hookups, DVDs, QuickTime files, hard drives, and all of that comes together in The Center; whereas in the classroom, we can’t make it all happen, all the time… I’m also getting students that are coming with their own cameras, that we can’t do anything with outside of  The Center”

We appreciate Sweeney’s kind words and look forward to working with his classes and the Journalism program more in the future. A class like this that uses so many different types of media really gives us an opportunity to flex our technological muscles!

For more information about Darren Sweeney please check out his bio on the NBC Connecticut website, and follow him, @DarrenSweeney, on Twitter.

And as always, for more information about how The Center can flex its technological muscles for you, please visit our website, visit us in Willard 004, follow us @TheCenterCCSU on Twitter, and stay tuned for more editions of The Center Lines.


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